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Reflections On Empathy - Heinz Kohut

This video of Heinz Kohut's final presentation, "Reflections on Empathy," was given at the 1981 Self Psychology conference in Berkeley, California. He was aware he was dying, and at the conclusion of his speech he announced his final farewell. The audience, moved by his words, stood to express its deep appreciation. He died four days later on Thursday, October 8, 1981.


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Mind, Consciousness and the Cultivation of Well-being: Transformation through the Lifespan (video)

This unique gathering of speakers offers an overview of current neuroscience research supporting the efficacy of mind-body integrative techniques found to be effective in clinical settings. 


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Relationships and the Health-promoting Power of Connection across the Lifespan (mp4 video)

An immersion into Relationships and the Health-promoting Power of Connection. Leading relationship specialists from Europe and the United States collaboratively explore relationships through the interdisciplinary framework of Interpersonal Neurobiology, drawing upon the spectrum of scientific disciplines such as developmental neuroscience and attachment research and the crucial role that attachment plays in shaping the neural and relational aspects of mind.


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