" Dr. Jennifer McIntosh's presentation focuses on the parenting of infants after separation, one of themost complex and emotionally charged debates in the history of family law. McIntoshconsiders the policy, advocacy, research, theory and practice micro-climates thatclash, and merge to create the perfect storm around the infant of divorce andseparation. The questions: Can neuro-science help inform the policy climates whichimpact the lives of infants in divorce, and guide legal decision making about theinfant, toward developmentally sound parenting arrangements? Can neurodevelopmentalperspectives support parents to make more effective transitions to co-parenting,after separation? Perspectives from inter-personal neurobiology andcurrent research findings from divorce specific studies are brought to bear on thesequestions.New approaches to theoretical integration are outlined, new interventionsdescribed, and the future of preventative work considered. This presentation includes intermediate and advanced continuing education for clinicians, social workers, counselors, MFTs, LCSWs, psychotherapists and other mental health practitioners. {audio}The Infant of Divorce - Applying a Developmental Lens to the Risks and Possibilities of Parental Separation

Conference Recordings
format mp4 video
Presenter(s) Jennifer McIntosh
Series IPNB
Time 1 hr 14 Min
Year 2014
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