1985 Video (mp4), running time: 1 hour 59 minutes Joseph Campbell follows the psychological journey of two women in the modern world one from the 1920's and the other from the 1940's through examining the paintings they created during their psychoanalytical process. One woman was a client of Gerard Adler the other that of Carl Jung's.Campbell illustrates the historical and social aspect of the female destiny to finding spiritual peace and beauty. In his truly unique way, he relates their art work and therapeutic process to mythological symbology and alchemical imagery.Educational ObjectivesAfter completion of this program listeners will be able to:1. Explain a woman's journey towards self realization as unique and separate from that of a man's journey.2. Recognize reoccurring motifs/symbols of Jung's four functions (sensation, intuition, thinking and feeling) throughout the heroine's journey.3. Describe how the use of art and mandalas are valuable tools for eliciting the unconscious self.4. Discuss the ultimate purpose of the woman's journey.


Conference Recordings
format mp4 video
Presenter(s) Joseph Campbell
Time 1 hr 19min
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