Wholeness of Mind, Brain, Body and Human-Relatedness (Preconference)

"This program is organized around the power of the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI), and its roots that spring from psychodynamic tradition, countless hours of attachment observation and research. Drawing from the rich research findings of three longitudinal studies, some of the conference's presenters will illuminate clinical applications derived from these findings.This conference brings together many of the leading figures in attachment research and theory. Topics range from mentalization-based treatment and the therapist's stance; parental frightened-frightening behavior and it's affect on the offspring; attachment theory's influence on classification and etiology of psychopathology; links between disorganized, unresolved and cannot classify states of mind, and adult psychopathology. We will explore new ways to understand psychopathology and treatment through the lens of attachment research, and in particular, attachment and its influence on generational transmission."

Conference Recordings
format mp3 audio
Presenter(s) Stephen W. Porges, MD, Pat Ogden, PhD, Jaak Panksepp, PhD, Lou Cozolino, PhD, Stan Tatkin, PsyD
Series Attachment
Time 6 hours
Year 2010
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