Terrorism, Dehumanization, and the Dark Night of the Soul: Culture's Rendezvous with Psychoanalysis

"The relationship between psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and culture has been an uneasy and disjointed one. The "culture" that Freud first brought to our attention was a primitive, uncivilized, hedonic one that we unwittingly superimposed on the culture we consciously inhabited.The subject of this conference is the exploration of terrorism intra-psychically and internationally. Terrorism, individually and collectively, has dominated and defined the temper of our times. "

After completion of this program you will be able to:

1. Describe the role of the brain, relationships and the mind in the regulation of energy and information flow.

Discuss "awareness of awareness" and "attention to intention".

Identify mindfulness at a meta-level rather than content

Recognize interoception in the process of tracking what's going on inside.

Conference Recordings
format mp3 audio
Presenter(s) Right Honorable Lord Alderdic, Vamik D. Volkhan, Albert A. Mason, James S. Grotstein
Series Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Time 5.8 hours
Year 2005
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