Passionate Attachments: The Essential But Fragile Nature of Love

"What are passionate attachments? Why are they fragile? Most of us feel that we know a lot about love, perhaps even experts on it. The field of mental health has a great deal of expertise in the failures of love. We have found what creates many of the problems our patients have."


After completion of this program listeners will be able to:

1. Explain the how social intimacy relates with female development.

2. Discuss the "overall structure of erotic excitement."

3. Identify the center of erotic excitement original traumas.

4. Recognize the role of 'mirroring' in infants, developing child and adults.

Conference Recordings
format mp3 audio
Presenter(s) Martha Kirkpatrick, Althea Horner, Robert Stroller, Bruno Bettleheim, Joan Lang
Series Legacy, Relationship Therapy
Time 11 Hours
Year 1985
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