New Developments in Analytic Technique Applications to Therapy

"This conference presents a sampling of psychoanalysis as conducted in England, South America, and the United States from the Kleinian/Bionian perspective.Dr. Michael Feldman, a distinguished London post-Kleinian analyst, discusses and demonstrates how he and his London colleagues listen to their analysands today. He is the author of numerous, and significant contributions on post-Kleinians theory and technique..Dr. Shelley Alhanati, who was trained at PCC, shows how a Los Angeles trained Kleinan listens to her patient. Because of her unique intuition and sensitivity, she also demonstrates the technical use of Bion's theories and recommendations. While Dr. James Grotstein, himself a Kleinian/Bionian, discusses the presentations from the other contributors, and integrates their application to all forms of therapy.

After completing this program listeners will be able to:

1. Discuss the dualistic view of human nature.

2. Identify the role of anxiety in infant development.

3. Explain effect of imprinting on the limbic system.

Conference Recordings
format mp3 audio
Presenter(s) Michael Feldman, Robert Oeisner, Shelley Alhanati, James Grotstein
Series Legacy, Psychoanalytic theory
Time 6 hours
Year 2004
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