Narcissistic and Borderline Disorders: Perspectives

"The work on narcissistic and borderline disorders by Heinz Kohut, Otto Kernberg, James Masterson, Harold Searles, and Donald Rinsley, among others, has resulted in renewed efforts to clarify diagnoses and treatment techniques for non-readily classifiable patients.These patients, considered by analysts to be untreatable, periodically exhibit a wide range of neurotic and psychotic symptoms in addition to those within the classic narcissistic or borderline syndromes. Their sporadic but pervasive feelings of emptiness. Isolation, loneliness, underachievement, and alternately intense/flat affect often provoke others to anger and subsequent rejection and abandonment; their therapists may tend to experience frustration and despair.{module[165]}"


Conference Recordings
Presenter(s) James Grotstein, Otto Kernberg, Harold Searles, John Lindon
Series Legacy, Psychoanalytic Theory
Time 8 hours
Year 1982
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