Desire and Love: Origins and Disturbance

"This home study program discusses the origin of adult erotic experience, psychosoma, inhibitions and patient/therapist attachment. Presenters are Otto Kernberg, Joyce McDougall, Harriet Kimble Wrye, Judd Marmar, Martha Kirkpatrick, and Beatriz Foster."


Upon completion of this program, listeners will be able to:

Define Eroticism.

Differentiate between eroticism, sexuality and love.

Discuss the role of aggression in sexual development and experience.

Discuss the relationship between conscious sexual fantasy and behavior.

Illustrate why and how objects become erotisized.

Explain how eroticism fits into attachment.

Conference Recordings
Presenter(s) Otto Kernberg, Joyce McDougall, Harriet Wrye, Judd Marmor, Martha Kirkpatrick, Beatriz Foster
Series Legacy
Time 7 hours
Year 1993
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