Self Psychology: A National Conference on the Work of Heinz Kohut

"DescriptionSelf Psychology has become an increasingly important direction for therapists to explore, and although it remains the source of lively debate with classical Freudians, in the past years the movement has gained increasing momentum. Ideas on Heinz Kohut's work on development, disturbance, and restoration of the self are the focus of this program. Historical and clinical material is presented in Kohut's ideas during the last few years of his life. Kohut's ideas during his last years.INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING (12) PRESENTATIONS:"


After completion of this program you will be able to:

1. Explain Kohut's theory on the use of empathy.

2. Identify effective ways to use empathy in clinical work.

3. Discuss the curative process in Psychoanalysis.

Conference Recordings
CE Hours (optional) 9
Presenter(s) Heinz Kohut, Arnold Goldberg, Charles Stroizer, Michael Basch, Paul Topin, Paul Ornstien, Morton Shane, Ernest Wolf
Series Self Psychology, Legacy
Time 9 hours
Year 1981
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