"This is an audio recording of the 2nd and 3rd day of the 2010 Annual Attachment conference presentations . We are increasingly aware of the significance of affective processes in essential human survival functions. A number of scientific and clinical research studies have been converging on the centrality of affect, including unconscious and dissociated affect. These are now becoming a central focus of psychotherapeutic work.This program is composed of pioneers and essential contributors to the ongoing paradigm shift. All are authors who have written extensively on the themes of the relationship between early development, affect regulation, relational trauma, psychopathogenesis, and psychodynamic models of the treatment of both mind and body, especially with the more severe personality disorders. The conference faculty includes infant researchers, neuroscientists, psychoanalysts, and trauma investigators, and yet all are experienced clinicians, each with decades of psychotherapy practice. Preview audio samples of presentations included in this program:

Conference Recordings
Presenter(s) Daniel J Siegel, MD, Diana Fosha, PhD, Christine A. Courtois, PhD, Norman Doidge, MD, Jaak Panksepp, PhD, Allan Schore, PhD
Series Attachment
Time 13 hours
Year 2010
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