Refund Policy

We are certain you’ll be satisfied with your purchase, however, if you are not you may receive a refund according to our RETURN POLICY:

Only non-functioning physical items are returnable. Eligible CD or Thumb Drive returns are accepted within 30 days of customer receiving order. All refunds will be credited in the same way the customer originally paid.

Digital products are not refundable. All our digital formats (mp3, mp4 and pdf) have been selected and tested for compatablity with the major desktop and handheld device operating systems. Applications needed to play these files come preinstalled on every device. Many of our programs are compressed into zip files for ease of download.

However, If you are downloading to a phone or tablet, you may need to download an "unzipping" application. Trustworthy free unzipping apps are available in your device's app store.

iOS - iZip
Android - AndroZip
Windows Phone - Pocket Extractor