Enjoy video clips of popular recorded Lifespan programs. Many of these programs are available on audio CD and a few on DVD video and online viewing in our online store.

Kohut's final speech, "Reflections on Empathy", was given at the 1981 Self Psychology conference in Berkeley, California. He was aware he was dying, and at the conclusion of his speech he announced his final farewell. This is a Lifespan Learning Institute video.bootstra

Jack Kornfield shares what led him to study Buddhism, how people reflect love and discusses his upcoming conference at UCLA Ackerman Grand Ballroom on Oct. 5-6, 2013.

2009 IPNB conference presenter Daniel J. Siegel speaks on Trauma and Healing.

2012 IPNB conference presenters John Gottman, Dan Siegel, Allan Schore, Marion Solomon, James Coan, and Harville Hendrix address bullying.

Marion Solomon asks the question mental health professionals want to know: How Do People Change? Video clip from the 2013 annual IPNB conference at UCLA Ackerman.