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pdf Mind, Consciousness, and The Cultivation of Well BeingMarch 2017 IPNB Brochure Download (pdf)
pdf March 2017 Mind Consciousness and the Cultivation of Wellbeing Syllabus Download (pdf, 16.89 MB)
archive 2015 Syllabus - Play Creativity Mindfulness and Neuroscience in Psychotherapy Download (zip, 14.15 MB)
pdf 2015 Play, Creativity, Mindfulness, and Neuroscience in Psychotherapy - Annual IPNB Conference Download (pdf, 313 KB)
pdf 2015 Consciousness Quantum Physics Psychotherapy info Download (pdf)
pdf 2013 MindWhispering Download (pdf, 2.33 MB)
pdf 2013 Mindful Living and the Neuroscience of Love Download (pdf, 1.64 MB)
pdf 2013 How People Change: Relationship & Neuroplasticity in Psychotherapy - Annual IPNB Conference Download (pdf, 336 KB)
pdf 2012 Toward A New Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships - Annual IPNB Conference Download (pdf, 388 KB)
pdf 2012 Infidelity: Beyond Trauma to Transformation - Anatomy of Intimacy Series Download (pdf, 5.04 MB)
pdf 2011 Healing Moments in Trauma Treatment - Annual IPNB Conference Download (pdf, 238 KB)
pdf 2011 Demystifying The Body's Response to Trauma Download (pdf, 794 KB)
pdf 2010 The Wholeness of Mind, Brain, Body & Human Relatedness - - Annual IPNB Conference Download (pdf, 8.01 MB)
pdf 2009 Current Approaches to Treatment of Trauma - Annual IPNB Conference Download (pdf, 351 KB)
pdf 2009 A Day of Mindfulness Download (pdf, 6.91 MB)
pdf 2008 Adult Attachment in Clinical Context Download (pdf, 319 KB)
pdf 2007 The Healing Power of Emotion - Annual IPNB Conference Download (pdf, 179 KB)
pdf 2005 The Embodied Mind: Integration of the Body, Brain, and Mind in Clinical Practice Download (pdf, 2.71 MB)
pdf 2005 Healing Traumatic Attachment Injuries - Anatomy of Intimacy Series Download (pdf, 631 KB)